Demoiselles Series, collagraph, image transfer, 7.5″ x 5.5″/ 18,75cm x 13,75cm

Demoiselles Series, is a series of prints created using a combination of collagraph and image transfer techniques.
Fascinated by found objects, I have collected discarded objects as a part of my creative process for many years. One day, I was working with run-over cans collected from the street, inking and printing them on paper. When I lifted the blanket and the paper from the press to reveal the print, a young woman or Demoiselle suddenly appeared in the place of the can.  Inspired by the apparition, I decided to print more and dress them up. Browsing through a flea market in Paris earlier that year, I had purchased some old fashion magazines from the 30’s filled with images of elegantly dressed women. Using image transfers from the magazine, I dressed each Demoiselle up with her own unique and elegant outfit. Each Demoiselle was then given a beautiful name from the same era. In this way, the Demoiselles were born. Look at the entire series here