The Demoiselles Series is an extraordinary collection of prints that I have crafted, employing a captivating blend of collagraph and image transfer techniques. Throughout my artistic journey, I have nurtured an abiding fascination with discarded objects, and they have become an integral part of my creative process. It was during one such exploration that a remarkable encounter transpired.

Engaged in the meticulous process of inking and printing run-over cans collected from the bustling streets, I unveiled an unexpected revelation as I gently lifted the blanket and exposed the printed paper. In the place where a lowly can once resided, a youthful woman, akin to a Demoiselle, materialized before my eyes. This enchanting apparition stirred something profound within me and stirred my creative spirit.

Compelled by this mystical encounter, I resolved to produce an array of these mesmerizing manifestations, intending to elevate them to a new level of artistic expression. My path led me to a serendipitous encounter at a Parisian flea market, where I chanced upon a treasure trove of vintage fashion magazines from the glamorous 1930s. Bursting with images of elegantly attired women, these publications became a wellspring of inspiration for my newfound vision.

Drawing upon the technique of image transfer, I adorned each Demoiselle with a distinctive and refined ensemble, handpicked from the pages of those captivating magazines. Each demure figure took on her unique identity, exuding a timeless elegance reminiscent of that bygone era. To further embrace the spirit of the age, I bestowed upon each Demoiselle a resplendent name from the same epoch, further cementing their individuality and evoking a sense of nostalgia.

In this manner, the Demoiselles emerged from the convergence of discarded cans, ink, printing presses, and the ethereal allure of vintage fashion. They embody a harmonious marriage of found objects and artistic ingenuity, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Each print in the series encapsulates a singular moment of revelation, encapsulating the delicate interplay between chance encounters and the imaginative realm of artistic creation.



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