Lost Jar


As a response to Michael Colonnese’s poem “The Lost Jar,” I embarked on the creation of a series entitled “Lost Jar.” Employing various artistic techniques, including carborundum collagraph, drypoint, and chine-collé, I crafted a collection of visually striking images featuring large jars. These vessels, captured on paper, bore diverse contents: some held an abundance of money, others contained raging fires, a few were empty, while some were devoid of a jar altogether. Straying from the conventional, none of these jars were filled with fruits or vegetables.

To add a personal touch and evoke memories of my mother, I adorned most of the jars with an orange line encircling their tops, reminiscent of the orange rubber rings she would use. This small but significant detail served as a symbolic nod to the familiarity and attachment associated with these jars. The combination of techniques employed in this series allowed me to explore the depth and complexity of the jar’s meaning in Colonnese’s poem, and to create a visual narrative that conveyed a range of emotions and interpretations.

Jars of fruits in my mother’s home