I have always been attracted to work made by hand. When I see intricate lace doilies, I imagine the women who spent hours sitting, creating them thread by thread. I think about how much patience and attention to detail it takes to produce one of these little masterpieces. They represent the work of ancestral know-how that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Today, their beauty and uniqueness is often overlooked, and they are discarded, sold, or given away. When I encounter them in flea markets, estate sales, or thrift stores around the world, I buy them. They inspire me. I want to save them. I want to give them a new life. I “rework” them. I modernize them. I turn them into prints.

The “Renaissance” series, printed with white ink on white paper creates a unique and delicate effect. It renders the pleasure and charm of the past. To really see all the details you have to come close to the print. This translates to the intimacy and the closeness that the women experienced, sitting and working meticulously on their pieces.

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