Trees to Paper to Trees

One year collecting one person waste paper.
Trees made of shredded paper.


A Better Cup Of  Tea

Since 2011, I have been working on an ongoing art project, A Better Cup Of Tea, with the common thread being used tea bags and their components. I transform volumes of these everyday items into stunning installations. The work has evolved into various series of pieces based on different elements of the tea bags.


52, Open Book

During the year 2009, I began working on a compilation called Project 52: each week I created a small collage, 6.5″ x 4.5″ into which I recycled prints from my studio that required more work or a new context, as well as the female shape and diverse found objects.

Chilies con Carne

Cow Parade, Boston, 2006

Chilies Con Carne
An art exhibit of life-sized cows from a myriad of artists, with auctions at the end of the event benefiting charities.


1939 The Missing Year

1939, The Missing Year

Hiroshima, 2005
The Project began when I found ten discarded volumes of Britannica Yearbooks on the street, spanning the years 1938-1948, minus the 1939 volume, which was missing from the group.