A Better Cup Of Tea



Over the years, I’ve amassed a collection of used tea bags, along with their wrappers, labels, and boxes. Since 2011, I’ve been working on an ongoing project centered around these tea-related components. My goal is to transform these everyday items into intricate compositions, exploring their potential in various forms. The project has naturally evolved into several series of both two and three-dimensional pieces, as well as installations.

Rather than meticulously planning each artwork, my process has been one of spontaneous response to the materials I’ve gathered. This approach has allowed me to delve deeper into the possibilities of composition, discovering repeating patterns and recurring elements from a multitude of perspectives. While each individual piece is unique, together they form a unified and cohesive collection.

In some of my works, I utilize the entire tea bag, still containing the tea itself. Other times, I focus solely on the paper of the emptied tea bag, or even just its wrapper or label. I also experiment with transforming the tea bags through alterations, sewing, rolling, gluing, incorporating found objects, or printing on them. By employing the structural elements of the tea bag—such as the wrapper, label, tab, string, the bag with tea, and the emptied boxes—I uncover hidden complexities of distinction and variation.

Through my ongoing exploration and manipulation of these tea-related components, I aim to shed light on the intricate beauty that exists within the seemingly mundane.

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